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Mechanisms of meiotic drive in symmetric and asymmetric meiosis

Kruger AN and Mueller JL

Cell Mol Life Sci. Apr; 78(7):3205-3218 (2021)

Genomic structure, evolutionary origins and reproductive functions of a large amplified intrinsically disordered protein-coding

gene on the X chromosome (Laidx) in mice.

Arlt MF, Brogley MA, Stark-Dykema ER, Hu YC, Mueller JL

G3 Jun 1;10(6):1997-2005 (2020)

Large X-linked palindromes undergo recurrent arm-to-arm gene conversion across Mus lineages

Swanepoel CM, Gerlinger ER, Mueller JL

Molecular Biology and Evolution Jul 1;37(7):1979-1985 (2020)

A neofunctionalized X-linked ampliconic gene family is essential for male fertility and equal sex ratio in mice

Kruger AN, Brogley MA, Huizinga JL, Kidd JM, de Rooij DG, Hu YC, Mueller JL

Current Biology 29, 1-8 (2019)

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Mice with large inversions or deletions of X-palindrome arms are fertile and express their associated genes during post-meiosis

Kruger AN*, Ellison Q*, Brogley MA, Gerlinger ER, Mueller JL

Scientific Reports Jun 12;8(1): 8985 (2018)

CRISPR-mediated isolation of specific megabase segments of genomic DNA

Bennett-Baker PE and Mueller JL

Nucleic Acids Research (2017)

Mary Lyon: A Tribute

Kalantry S and Mueller JL

Am J Hum Genet 97, 507 (2015)

A gene regulatory program for meiotic prophase in the fetal ovary

Soh YQS, Junker JP, Gill ME, Mueller JL, van Oudenaarden A, Page DC

PLoS Genetics 17, e1005531 (2015)

The gene content of mammalian and avian sex chromosomes

Bennett-Baker P and Mueller JL

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (2015)

Sequencing the mouse Y chromosome reveals convergent gene aquisition and amplification on both sex chromosomes

Soh YQS, Alöfldi J, Pyntikova T, Brown LG, Graves T, Minx PJ, Fulton RS, Kremitzki C, Koutseva N, Mueller JL, Rosen S, Hughes JF, Owens E, Womack J, Cao Q, de Jong P, Murphy WJ, Warren WC, Wilson RK, Skaletsky H, Page DC

Cell 159, 800 (2014)

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Independent specialization of the human and mouse X chromosomes for the male germ line

Mueller JL, Skaletsky H, Brown LG, Zaghlul S, Rock S, Graves T, Auger K, Warren WC, Wilson RK, Page DC

Nature Genetics 45, 1083 (2013)

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The mouse X chromosome is enriched for multicopy testis genes showing postmeiotic expression

Mueller JL, Mahadevaiah SK, Park PJ, Warburton PE, Page DC, Turner JM

Nature Genetics 40, 794 (2008)

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Targeted gene deletion and phenotypic analysis of the seminal fluid protease inhibitor Acp62F

Mueller JL, Linklater J, Ravi Ram K, Chapman T, Wolfner MF

Genetics 178, 1605 (2008)

An ectopic expression screen reveals Drosophila seminal fluid proteins’ protective and toxic effects

Mueller JL, Page JL, Wolfner MF

Genetics 175, 777 (2007)

Bovine seminal plasma proteins PDC-109, BSP-A3 and BSP-30k-Da share functional roles in storing sperm in the oviduct

Gwathmey T M, Ignotz GG, Mueller JL, Manjunath P, Suarez SS

Biology of Reproduction 75, 501 (2006)

A scan of molecular variation leads to the narrow localization of a selective sweep affecting both Afrotropical and cosmopolitan populations of Drosophila melanogaster

Pool JE, Dumont VB, Mueller JL, Aquadro CF

Genetics 172, 1093 (2006)

Chromosome Function: Sex Differences

Mueller JL and Wolfner MF

Encyclopedia of Life Sciences (2005)

Cross-species comparison of Drosophila male accessory gland protein genes

Mueller JL, Ravi Ram K McGraw LA, Bloch Qazi MC, Siggia ED, Clark AG, Aquadro CF, Wolfner MF

Genetics 171, 131 (2005)

Comparative structural modeling and inference of conserved protein classes in Drosophila seminal fluid

Mueller JL, Ripoll DR, Aquadro CF, Wolfner MF

Proc Natl Acad Sci USA 101, 13542 (2004)

Genome sequence of the dissimilatory metal ion-reducing bacterium Shewanella oneidensis

Heidelberg, JF et al

Nature Biotechnology 11, 1118 (2002)