Lab Photos

HG Retreat Lab Photo 2021

Sporting "Spermatogonia" lab t-shirt with one of our favorite palindromes on the back:

"Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog"

Car Parade Celebrating Alyssa's Thesis Defense Spring 2020

An egg followed by sperm spelling Dr., A, L, Y, S, S, A, ! (click here for video)

Lab trip to make pottery Dec. 2019

Martin showing that art isn't always a clean endeavor

Michele's Good-bye Lunch - Summer 2019

Thanks for keeping the lab from burning down.

Alyssa explaining genomics during MI DNA Day Spring 2019

Thanks, Rebecca for the photos.

Lab Celebrations 2018-21

CSHL Germ Cells - Fall 2018

Callie getting her fill of shellfish and genetics.

Lab Trip to Demolition Derby - Summer 2018

Survival of the fittest, near Motor City.

Campus Connections Visit - Summer 2018

Callie shows incoming UM freshman the opportunities for research.

Alyssa presenting at FastFAST - Spring 2018

1 slide, 3 minutes...ready, set, go! (click here for video)

Jamie Huizinga's last undergrad poster session - Spring 2018

Very fortunate to have had such a "wundergrad" for 4 years.

Alyssa at the Mouse Genetics Meeting in Heidelberg Fall 2017

Thanks to Thom Saunders for the photo!

GENEius Team Visit to the Lab - Summer 2017

Basic introduction to fly genetics by Alyssa, Quinn "fly artist", and Jake

Lab Trip to Meijer Gardens Sculpture Park - Summer 2017

da Vinci inspired XY horse and the lab (children not included)

Michigan DNA Day - Spring 2017

Alyssa talks about pharmacogenomics to high school students.

Visit MI DNA Day to learn more.


Lab Mascot