Sept. 2021 - Welcome to UROP Margaret Cylkowski.

Aug. 2021 - Congrats to Ann Marie on passing her qualifying exam!

July 2021 - Welcome to Ivan Mier, our new lab manager, and farewell to Evan, our previous lab manager, who will continue studying selfish genes as a PhD student in Montana.

June 2021 - Welcome to G+G student Ann Marie Lawson, who joins the lab for her doctoral studies.

April 2021 - Congrats to Eden Dulka and Callie Swanepoel on being awarded Individual NRSA Fellowships from NIH!

Jan. 2021 - Congrats to Alyssa on the publication of her review in CMLS!

Sept. 2020 - Welcome UROPs Lucy Zhang and Leila Brandt.

June 2020 - Congrats to Callie on the birth of her daughter, Eleanor!

May 2020 - Congrats to Emma on graduating from UM with Honors!

May 2020 - Congrats to Yakshi on successfully completing her Master's!

Apr. 2020 - Congrats to Alyssa for successfully defending her PhD thesis, during quarantine.

Apr. 2020 - Congrats to Callie for being selected for the Joan B. Kessler award.

Apr. 2020 - Martin's paper on Laidx, a large amplified intrinsically disordered predicted protein-coding gene on the X, is out in G3.

Mar. 2020 - Callie's paper on how X-palindromes undergo gene conversion across mouse lineages is out in Molecular Biology and Evolution.

Dec. 2019 - Jacob Mueller receives an NSF Career Award, which provides funding for the lab, MI DNA Day, a high school teacher program and a research station at the UM Museum of Natural History.

Nov. 2019 - Welcome Eden Dulka, who starts her post-doctoral research in the lab.

Oct. 2019 - Alyssa's paper on how a recently evolved X-linked gene family is essential for male fertility and can distort the sex ratio is out in Current Biology.

Sept. 2019 - Congrats Callie and Alyssa for winning talk and poster awards at the HG retreat.

Sept. 2019 - Welcome Iulia Dobrin, who joins the lab as a UROP.